Cat-like reflexes

I apparently have them.  I can fairly consistently move the laser pointer dot away from Talore as she lunges for it before she lands a paw on the dot when she’s actively chasing it.  It helps that I barely have to move compared to her dashing around.  When she’s just sitting there watching it and suddenly decides to put a paw out I don’t do as well, but when she’s waiting behind the edge of the chair or sofa to pounce on it I’ve got a decent shot.

Talore very quickly picked up on the sound of me picking up the laser pointer (the metal case usually clicks against my desk), the sound it makes when I turn it on, and the sound it makes when I turn it off.  Her reactions are, respectively: perk up and look at me, crouch down and start looking for the dot, and look at me and settle down.  Of course by the time I turn it off she’s usually stopped really chasing it anyway.

In related news, the $10 worth of watch batteries are getting noticeably dimmer 1 week after installation.  I’ll probably be buying a new laser pointer soon – one that takes reasonably sized batteries.  My other option is to go by radio shack and get a battery holder for 4 probably AA batteries and wire it in, but considering my current laser pointer is part of a nice (or at least decent) pen I’ll probably just leave it as is.

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