Carbon Monoxide Detector (Again)

Apparently they’re overly sensitive to static. That didn’t occur to me last time since I thought I’d just set my basket of clothes fresh from the dryer under it. This time I went to hang up a shirt that had a towel stuck to it, so I shook the towel off, it hit the detector, and that same whine started up. The expected alarm is a series of beeps separated by a pause, not a constant noise.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to take it by the apartment office or just try to find somewhere to buy them and get my own. If I get a new one it will be going on a different outlet. If only it was attached to the ceiling like the smoke detector this wouldn’t happen.

In other news, I managed to solve the first two layers of my Square-1. I don’t know where to go from there or if solving layer by layer is even reasonable, but that’s arguably progress over just being able to make it a cube.

I also finally got around to looking up how to pay Colorado the $5 I owed on my taxes. Apparently it can be done online, though it cost $0.88 to pay by credit card. That’s almost certainly cheaper than buying envelopes and all I’d need to mail a check, and much easier too. I made sure to save the pdf of the receipt for that.

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