White Christmas

I thought I’d posted this a couple weeks ago. Turns out I made a new page instead of a new post, so I’m fixing that now. I even set the published date to when I’d originally posted.

A bit late on posting this, but it snowed on us for Christmas. Here’s the picture of my grandmother’s back yard (near Tyler Texas).

Very big wet flakes. I don’t think they lasted all that long on the ground, but this was right before we left to drive back to my parents house so we didn’t stick around to see.

In celebration of the last Wheel of Time book coming out this coming week I’ve been doing a partial reread of the series (skimmed through book 11 for the storylines I like, reading mostly chapter summaries of 12 but reading a few chapters, haven’t gotten to 13 yet). Reading in my chair upstairs means that the cat tree I still haven’t finished is next to me, specifically the hammock where Dash has been sleeping. He apparently wasn’t prepared for me to wake him up by poking him through the bottom of the hammock: he landed about four feet away looking back. Really wish I’d gotten that on video, but moving more than just reaching out to poke him probably would have woken him up earlier.

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