Terrible Weekend

Last night my phone died. I googled the symptoms after a factory reset didn’t stop it from locking up on boot and it sounds like a hardware problem. Fortunately, I saw some reports that people were able to send their phone in to be repaired, you just have to call the HTC support number. If only I had a working phone to make that call… I did use their contact page to attempt to send an email to support but still haven’t gotten a response or confirmation that I emailed them.

Today I decided to be productive (all I remember accomplishing yesterday was finishing my book), so I was going to install the bookcase doors that I got from Ikea last weekend. I got four doors to fit two bookcases and installed the first set last weekend, but I hadn’t bothered with the second set. I noticed the third door was sliding around in its package when I pulled it out to open it: turned out the gap that was allowing the door to slide was where it was missing the box of mounting hardware (hinges, screws, etc). I guess I’ll be making another trip up to Denver soon to get that exchanged. I did at least dust that bookshelf and install one door.

A couple weeks ago when I was downtown for jury duty I walked through the little park that surrounds the Pioneer Museum. Even though this squirrel had just nipped off a flower and was sitting in the tree eating it he cautiously let me get close in case I was going to offer better food. I didn’t, but I did get a couple of decent pictures before it fled to higher branches:

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