Washington Mall

The last day of my trip to DC I had nothing specific planned and my flight didn’t leave till nearly 3pm so I spent the morning walking around the Washington Mall.

I started a couple blocks north of the White House. You can get a lot closer to the building itself from the North, and that’s where the protesters were (as well as a very visible police presence). The south side was just packed with tourists (including a surprisingly large group of people getting their picture taken in front of the Executive Office Building for some reason), but there was a nice view across the south lawn.
White House

The Washington Monument is visible from all over the area so I ended up with tons of pictures of it, but this is one of the few where it was actually the focus of the picture:
Washington Monument

Unfortunately you can barely see Lincoln at all from the picture I took from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, so here’s the picture of the large room inside the monument:
Lincoln Memorial

I didn’t know it was there until I came across it walking from the Lincoln Memorial to the Jefferson Memorial, but there’s a rather large memorial to FDR along the west side of the tidal basin. Here’s the statue of FDR and his dog:
FDR Memorial
Several of the statues in the memorial had the patina worn off where people touch them: it made for an odd emphasis on certain spots.

Here’s the view of the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument across the tidal basin where the FDR memorial ended:
Tidal Basin

The dome of the capitol building is currently being repaired. I didn’t remember that it was made of cast iron, but apparently it needs work every few decades.
Capitol Building

The library of congress is just south-east of the capitol. Once I figured out what it was I figured it was worth a picture:
Library of Congress

The supreme court is just north of the library of congress. There were a bunch of people with lawn chairs and sleeping bags on the sidewalk to the side, presumably in support of one side of something the court is deciding on, so I walked nearly to the front of the building to get a picture of the facade:
Supreme Court

Here’s the view of the mall from the west side of the capitol building. The Ulysses S. Grant Memorial is in the foreground with the Washington Monument in the background (and the Lincoln Memorial just visible behind it).
Washington Mall

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