Large Print

Last weekend I printed the largest object so far on my 3d printer:
Finished Print

Someone I know at work also has a 3d printer and offered to help some of his friends out with cosplay items for a convention they’re going to this weekend. Unfortunately his printer jammed and he wasn’t going to get it fixed until this week, so I’ve been helping out by printing a couple things.

The item above is a completed print of a 6 in diameter Pendant of Life from the old Nickelodeon game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. It used up about 110 grams of filament and took over 4.5 hours to print:
Print Time

Here’s a picture with better lighting:
Improved Lighting

And here’s the finished (painted product) from the twitter of the person who asked for it:

Bonus picture of the completed Legends of the Hidden Temple contestant costumes with the print:

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