Game Night

A group of us from work met last Friday to play video games late into the night, and a couple PS3 Move controllers were acquired to try out. We had one game (that I think was in the Move controller/camera package) and a demo disk. The game was a set of sports that were played using the Move (archery, bocce, disk golf, gladiator, table tennis, and beach volleyball).

All of the sports were fun and tracked the controller pretty well (probably because every time you switched games or number of players it had you recalibrate), but I never did manage to get consistent at disk golf throws except gentle straight throws (somewhat similar to real life with a Frisbee actually). Not all the games in the demo pack were playable (due to random “This must be enabled in the XMB menu” messages), and not all of them tracked the controller all that well. The worst part of the demos was that they tended to be somewhat lame games with Move controller support that didn’t add anything to the game.

Anyway, gladiator was a big hit. In that one you have a shield and a melee weapon and the point is to beat the other person with your weapon while blocking and bashing with the shield.

Calvin solo

For some reason the embed code is setting it to much wider than my page formatting accounts for, so I’m just putting in links for the sake of finishing this post quickly. I didn’t get Calvin’s first round which featured even more exaggerated movements and jumping, but that was the second round.

These were the 2 player matches that I filmed. Calvin won both.
Round 1
Round 2

The Move controller shows up really well in the videos as a solid color ball. That’s probably why they didn’t need a great camera plugged into the PS3 for it to work (every time a game brought up a video feed of what the camera saw it was grainy, low resolution, and the colors were a bit shifted, but we didn’t have great lighting in the room).