Patch 4.2 for World of Warcraft was released Tuesday, which opened the second tier of raid content for this expansion. We’re at 6 of 7 bosses killed on normal already, including two that we killed on the first pull of that boss. So far it’s been enjoyable, though not as challenging as expected. I’m sure heroic modes will be plenty difficult though.

Anyways, the reason I’m posting is that on our kill of the fifth boss I took an awesome screenshot of me with 2.5 million hp (from a base of ~185k raid buffed):

Game Night

We had another organized game night on Friday (organized meaning Michelle hosted it).

I finally had a chance to try my portable ping pong set, and it went over very well. We set it up on a table that was somewhat smaller than a standard ping pong table, and since the balls are standard and the paddles are good quality it was hard to keep from hitting the ball off the other end of the table. The other problem was that behind one end of the table was the top of the stairs down to the basement, so we had a few shots make it downstairs. I wasn’t interested in keeping score (I was just enjoying hitting the ball back and forth), but Calvin and Ryan played a game where they kept score. They were planning to start another match as I was leaving so I left it. Before I realized they were going to use it more I’d packed it up and Ryan commented on how compact it was, which drew a startled look from Calvin who apparently had thought I’d brought the table (a sturdy oak table) as part of the set.

Other entertainment included a demo of Battlefield 1943 on PS3 where we passed the controller around on death. The only map we played on was Wake Island, which I believe was in the demo for Battlefield 1942. As expected, the most fun I had was when I managed to grab a Zero and fly around, though the control stick wasn’t inverted like I’m used to so I didn’t do particularly well. I’m considering finding my disks for BF1942 and my joystick and playing that a bit.

We went out to a Mexican place for dinner. Best (only) Mexican food I’ve had in at least a couple years. It was good, though I’m not generally a fan of Mexican food. I don’t go out to eat much and I generally just get a cheeseburger when I do, but the only burger I noticed on the menu had jalapeƱos on it so I just went with a quesadilla.

Besides game night, I spent a significant amount of time this weekend playing co-op Portal 2 for achievements. We still are lacking a couple, but we played every level in co-op at least once, and several got a number of play-throughs. The worst achievement we got was to complete all of course four (the one with excursion funnels) with no deaths. I think there were 9 levels in the course, and the last two were very easy to die in. We also got sloppy a few times on the earlier ones and died, but we know that course very well by now, including several short cuts, since we had to start over on each death.

I meant to get some WoW in with a couple people I’ve been playing with recently, but since school is over for them their schedules are somewhat more random and I don’t think we had all three of us online at the same time all weekend. Perhaps if I’d left game night earlier I could have caught them, but oh well.