London, Day 1

Normally I’d just put up some of what few pictures I took and call it a post, but we traded pictures after we got back. That means that alongside my 138 pictures I have 1300 pictures taken by my sister and 612 taken by my dad. For comparison, Allison took nearly as many pictures in the British Museum alone as I took the entire trip.

We arrived in London in the morning, met Dad at the airport, then made our way to the bed and breakfast we were staying at to dump our luggage. After that it was a reasonably short walk to Buckingham Palace, where many pictures were taken.
Buckingham Palace
Note that it was actually sunny, I hear that’s rare.

After we’d had enough standing around watching people wave selfie-sticks about taking pictures of themselves we wandered through Green Park.
Green Park Gates
We didn’t go through those gates, they’re apparently special and were locked, but there was a path around them to get into the park.

At the top of the hill we found a bus stop for a hop on-hop off line of tour buses and paid a lot of money for tickets to be able to ride the buses and their river boats for two days. Then we got on the bus for a lightning tour of London:

Trafalgar Rooster
Trafalgar Square has four plinths but only three are occupied by permanent statues. The fourth apparently didn’t get a statue built due to lack of funds, so every so often they install something new there (wiki article).

St Pauls Cathedral
St Paul’s Cathedral

Westminster Palace
Westminster Palace (parliment)

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge from up the river

Tower of London
Tower of London (side opposite the river)