First Snow

Three posts today, I had a few things I hadn’t caught up on.

Yesterday the high was 70 degrees, and today it snowed. At least it’s finally down to near the average temperatures for this time of year here, but I guess I’ll have to get used to driving with my windshield trying to fog up again (so long as it’s not frozen my little squeegee is wonderful).

Not the best of pictures, but it was cold and windy and I wasn’t dressed all that warmly. By the time I got home (probably around 6:45) the snow was starting to stick on the pavement at my apartment complex, though it was all slush.

Weekend Excitement

This post is a bit late, but I’ve been working late all this week to take time off on Friday and just never got around to finishing it.

The plan last Sunday was to go to laser tag with several people from work at a family fun center. We all got there and almost everyone had bought a two hour pass, then we noticed the sign saying that the laser tag was reserved for private parties for most of the next hour and a few more times after that. The two hour cards wouldn’t activate till the first use, but that left us with a good bit of time to burn. After a round of DDR we wandered through the entire place for those of us who hadn’t been there before.

Besides an extensive arcade and laser tag they had bowling (which wasn’t covered in the 2 hour pass), go carts (electric since everything was indoors), mini golf, a room full of battletech pods, and a new section that had moved in since anyone in our group had been there before. That new section was a large room set up for Xtreme Challenge.

Xtreme Challenge is basically a large set of physics based games and challenges designed to be done in a group. They normally only take group reservations, but we had a large enough group and the guy running it wasn’t busy so he invited us to sign a waiver and go demo the stuff. It was great advertising for them since we had a blast and all the people who walked by and saw it got to see something happening instead of just a room full of interesting stuff.

I generally make no effort to keep in shape since I don’t really do anything that requires it. Considering our group was made up of programmers I’m probably not the only one, but several of the people we had are fairly active. Either way, we were all pretty tired out by the end of 45 minutes to an hour.

Regardless of how tired we were, Calvin hurt his ankle on the second to last thing we did, which was jousting (as labeled by the tv show Gladiators). Basically both people stand on a platform with sticks that are padded on the end and try to knock the other person off their stand. I knocked Calvin off first, then we went for a while and he knocked me off. Apparently while I was falling off Calvin jumped off, but since he wasn’t wearing his glasses he couldn’t tell how far away the ground was, and he tore something in his ankle.

We didn’t end up playing laser tag at all, but most of us still have the 2 hour cards so we may go back for that at some point. There is also talk of going back to Xtreme Challenge once Calvin is recovered if we can get a large enough group.