Spam Accounts

I finally got fed up with getting emails telling me of new user registrations with email addresses like (not the actual url, but similar to one), so I turned off open registration for subscribers and deleted all the ones I had. If you want a subscriber account email me (if you have my email) or use the “Contact Me” page.

In theory the contact page is bot-proof (and I haven’t gotten a single spam message from it yet), while it certainly appears that the user registration is not.

WordPress Update

I just applied the latest wordpress security update and now it won’t open in a frame. Since my home page is frame based with all my frequently used links in a sidebar on the left set to open in the main frame, this is rather annoying. This indicates that it could be a Firefox only problem (can’t check at the moment without booting my desktop up), and at any rate other people are having other issues with the update, so hopefully it will be improved soon.