Android app Test

Testing the Android WordPress app (and getting used to the keyboard).

Attached should be a sample flash picture taken on my phone.  I tried a video but my blog didn’t like the file format.


Looking at the picture I probably shouldn’t have used the zoom on it, but considering how dark the room was it didn’t turn out too badly for a cell phone camera.

The most terrifying thing in my apartment…

is apparently this:

It’s been a week since the terrible experience of being put in the cat carrier, so I figured I’d see if I could get Talore a bit more relaxed around it (not out of any need to put her in it, but I’d rather she not run and hide at the sight of it).  I put it in the middle of the living room to start with.  Talore didn’t take her eyes off it so long as she was in line of sight of it, and when she went off to hide in the bedroom she walked way around it.

She will let me pick her up and carry her past it, but she tenses as we approach it.  For now I put a bit of cat nip in the carrier and left it near the door to my bedroom so she’ll walk past it sometimes if she maintains her usual habits.  It appears to be working somewhat – she has gone and sniffed at it and she will walk past it calmly, though I was sitting on the other side of the room for both of those.

Earlier today Talore found a rather good hiding spot (except now I know to look there).  I was getting lunch when I realized I hadn’t seen her in a while and she usually spends all her time in the same room I’m in when I’m home.  Upon looking around, I discovered that she wasn’t even in any of the likely hiding spots (under the bed, sitting at the glass door to the balcony, etc).  It turns out she was sitting in the window of my bedroom, between the glass and the blinds, and she didn’t make enough of a lump in the curtain that I have to block what light gets through the blinds to be obvious.  I didn’t spot her till she poked her head out to look at me when she heard me moving around in my bedroom.  I don’t know if she just wanted to see out or wanted to sit in the sunlight, but she wasn’t inclined to leave that window (too bad I forgot to get a picture of it).

And now since I’ve written a post about Talore, here’s a new picture:

My desk is nearly clean!

This is the pile of things no longer on my desk.  It’s been slowly getting removed, but until tonight I still had the cup full of pens and stuff on the corner of the desk.  Now I’m down to my bowl of candy and the puzzle Allison gave me for Christmas.  It’s a bad picture but it’s the only one that I managed to get Talore to sit still for.

I’ve been leaving the feathery toy on top of things with just the edge poking off so that Talore would jump and attack it, though she doesn’t do so very often.  I suspect she grabbed it and it fell on her head, because I was sitting at my desk and I heard a sudden meow, then she ran across the room and jumped on the end of my desk.  She would have slid right off the other side of it because she was moving fast and had no traction, but she hit my cup of pens and it went flying and stopped her.