Cat Hair Cut

I decided to be cheap this time and cut Dash’s hair for summer myself. I also didn’t want it quite as short as the lion cut from last summer because it’s not like it’s hot for all that long and it certainly wasn’t grown back in by last fall.

I admittedly didn’t do well at getting before pictures:
Before 1
Before 2

The reason for the shaving was that Dash had been throwing up hairballs nearly every day for the last few days, and also his hair was starting to get matted to the rear of his sides because his undercoatwas being shed but not extracted out from under his top coat. Because he won’t often let me brush him well I wasn’t able to keep him groomed enough to stop either problem.

I initially tried with the 1 inch guard on the clippers, but his hair was clinging to his sides well enough I had trouble getting anything cut even though it was in theory plenty long enough for that. He didn’t mind the clippers themselves at all (thankfully), but he objected to me using them on him much like he does for being brushed: he calmly scooted away till he was out of reach of the cord.

I ended up getting an extension cord and sticking him in the bathtub so I could shut the door to keep him in. I didn’t expect it, but that worked remarkably well because he remembers the last time I gave him a bath: as soon as I shut the sliding door he was completely fixated on opening the door to escape. That meant I could trim all the hair on his back and sides without him struggling:
No escape!

He wouldn’t really let me get to his belly, but he did stand still when I got the furminator and started brushing the extra hair out of his now-exposed undercoat: (the yellow-handled tool is the set of wire strippers I use for trimming claws)
Tools and Fur

Another after shot:

It’s now been two weeks since the haircut happened and I think today was the first time he’s thrown up a hairball since. He’s still shedding a bit but it’s not getting trapped in his fur, and he hasn’t been at all bothered by the heat (not that it’s been particularly hot).

Warmer Weather Again

The lilac seems to have mostly recovered from the snow/cold last weekend:
Lilac Blooms
The blooms are opening quite nicely and though there are a bunch of leaves that shriveled up most of them have stopped looking all wilted. Now that I look at it that picture makes it look worse than it is: That one is from Friday because my pictures today didn’t turn out well (too bright with the sun directly overhead and me trying to take pictures from the side because it’s taller than I am).

While I was outside on Friday Dash snuck out to wait for birds to come to the feeder. Here he is hiding:
Dash "Hiding"
He practically crawled there, staying low and carefully hiding himself behind the tufts of grass to the sides. I don’t think he has any idea how to actually catch a bird…

I spent a decent portion of the afternoon today sitting outside reading. Talore spend most of the time outside with me, while Dash came out for a bit then went back inside to sleep by the door.

Talore didn’t quite leave puncture wounds all down my leg when the dove landed on the fence while she was lying in my lap, but I think I only escaped that because I had jeans on. I think the dove had taken off before she even hit the ground so I didn’t get to see her try to actually catch it. She didn’t even get that close to the sparrow that had landed earlier: she wasn’t looking at the right moment so she didn’t notice it till it flew away.

Spring in Colorado

Sure it’s May, that doesn’t mean it can’t still snow:
Snow Again

Talore insisted she wanted to go out even though there was snow still falling. She didn’t stay out for long.

I had hoped that the weekend would be warm and sunny and that the lilac would bloom. It was starting to on Friday but I don’t think any more of the buds have opened since:
Lilac Blooming


Sadly, my outdoor plants are doing better than my lone indoor plant: I nearly killed my catnip plant due to not watering it enough (again). Luckly, I remembered it in time and after a few hours it was perking back up.