Cube with a view

I got moved to a new cube today (the team is moving to a different area of the building), and I can see out a window!

It’s not much of a view, but I can see that sitting at my desk, which far beats my previous location where the window was a distant sliver while standing up. At my new cube I can see the mountains when I stand up. Unfortunately my keyboard tray didn’t make the trip, but that shouldn’t be hard to get corrected.

In other news, I finally posted to my twitter feed the other day, so I added a widget to the right side of this page to display my recent tweets.

Android 2.2 is supposed to be released for the Droid Incredible tomorrow. The 270 degree screen rotation will be nice for when I’m trying to use it in landscape mode while charging it, and 720 video recording could possibly make my videos look nicer. The ability to store apps to the sd card may prompt me to actually buy a larger capacity sd card than came with the phone when I got it (which I probably should do anyways). I may comment further on the new features of froyo after I’ve played with it a bit.

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