The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games movie is coming out this coming week and the group at work is planning to see it, so I figured I’d read the books this weekend.

I was planning to at least finish the first book, but they were so much faster than the books I tend to prefer I ended up finishing all three (I didn’t time book 1, but book 2 I finished within 4 hours of getting the email receipt for buying it on my nook last night, and 3 I started over breakfast today and finished within 4 hours of getting home from church). That’s a decent chunk of the weekend, but I guess I’m comparing it to each book actually taking most of the weekend with few distractions last summer when I was finishing at least a book of Wheel of Time a week.

I enjoyed the entire series, but I generally liked the plot of the first one the most. Between that and that fact that wikipedia tells me the author helped write and produce the movie I actually want to see it now, as opposed to being vaguely interested because several people had told me it was a good book.

On the other hand, now I’m about to go find a Discworld book that I haven’t read to cheer me up. I’ll admit that the ending of the series was a decent resolution to the story, but given some of the events leading up to it I wouldn’t call it a particularly happy ending. I suppose I’m not exactly the target audience considering it’s a young adult novel.

Since I’ve got everything open right now I guess I’ll toss in a few of the sites that I’ve been looking at for ideas of fantasy books to read (in case anyone is interested and so I don’t lose them):
Patrick Rothfuss blog
a goodreads fantasy list

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