Cold Weather

We had a cold front come through this weekend. Not only did I see snow flurries Friday morning (wasn’t sticking, might not even have been reaching the ground) but I saw some cars that were covered in snow on my way to work. To honor the first signs of winter I plugged in the heated cat beds and turned on the heater (admittedly I forgot about the heater until I got up Saturday morning to the indoor temperature being in the 50s).

This is where Talore spent the majority of the weekend:
Warm Talore
This year I even got a picture where she doesn’t appear to be glaring at me. Big improvement over the one last year where she looked angry at me for disturbing her with a flash picture.

Dash’s fur still isn’t fully grown back from his summer haircut, but it’s long enough he didn’t seem particularly bothered by the cold. He’s been cycling between the bed on my desk and the part of the desk in front of it – I’m guessing the bed is a bit too warm but the desk is a bit chilly.
Warm Dash
Actually, as I’m writing this Dash has displaced Talore in the small heated bed, but he’s not really curled up for warmth. At least he’s not sprawled out on his back due to being overheated like he kept doing when I first got it…

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